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Feb 20, 2020

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South America: of lost civilisations and nature’s prodigies

Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador

If the names of these countries aren’t reason enough to get you packing for an exciting and adventurous vacation, then you need to read on and browse through some South America travel itineraries to know more.

The vastness and diversity of this amazing continent is an addiction for an adventurous, avid and off beat traveller.
If you wish to hike through the wild Andean trails or gaze at thunderous waterfalls or drive around to see the best of both natural and manmade wonders, South America is sure to get you hooked.

While there are a zillion breath-taking views and adventures tucked away in the many cities of South America, the countries on this continent are also a playground for those seeking to soak some sun, party hard or uncover ancient culture and historical anonymities amongst the ruins of lost civilisations and temples.

As you set out on your journey in South America, the Brazilian capital of Rio De Janeiro will be a good place to start with. Get yourself on a customised city tour and experience the high life of Brazil as you drive through downtown Rio, catching glimpses of its several historical landmarks. Complete your day with a cable car ride up to Sugar Loaf Mountain and the cog - wheel rail up to the Corcovado Mountain to visit the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. There is no better way to experience Brazil’s famed night life as you grab a drink and groove to Samba at its famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches

A quick stop at Iguazu is highly recommended. The stunning views of the thunderous Iguazu falls are a sight to behold as you view them from the Brazilian side. A walkway across the falls leads to a gorgeous panoramic view of the lower Iguazu River and the Devil’s gorge Canyon. The falls can also be viewed from the Argentinean side from the Devil’s throat balcony.

Discover the Galapagos Islands, Peruvian wonders, Patagonian glaciers, and the enormous Amazon River
It’s amazing to see that the development of infrastructure and inventions of humans have not altered the beauty and natural life of the snow-clad Patagonian Andes, the wilds of the Amazon river and Ecuador’s cloud forests.
The alluring Galapagos Islands are a part of Ecuador! Fly into the centre of the world, Ecuador, to visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Galapagos Islands. Soak yourself in a world away from reality as you stroll amongst fearless and diverse wildlife – think vacationing in an open zoo! The virgin beauty and volcanic landscapes of Galapagos National Park is every photographer’s dream. 
Of all the countries in South America, the Peruvian lands are the most alluring. Popularly known as the cradle of the Inca empire, Peru takes you down several years of history leaving you in the middle of unsolved mysteries and splendid views! Imagine what life was like in the 15th century as you tour the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu – one of the seven wonders of the world, which includes the Inca complex of palaces, plazas, temples, and homes set against a majestic backdrop of towering Andean peaks which are often covered with clouds and mist early in the morning. If you are lucky to be at Machu Pichu on a clear day, then a view of the massive Peruvian Amazon rainforest creates a magical canvas to sit and stare at. What more? Peru has a long coastline dotted with prime surf beaches and scuba diving sites. Also enjoy Peru’s mouth-watering cuisine culture as you explore the city of Lima and Cusco. The city of Cusco in Peru features the Santo Domingo Monastery, where the Inca foundations remain under the Spanish baroque structures, and the Cathedral, housing a magnificent collection of artworks. Add a visit to the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park, an impressive fortress of colossal dimensions with rocks that are up to 4 meters tall!

The snow-capped peaks of Patagonia in Chile are a sight to behold. Begin your journey in Santiago. Experience famed Chilean wines and delectable cuisine as you tour this fantastic country. With mighty glacial national parks in the south and the dry Atacama Desert in the north, Chile is one of the planet’s last surviving wild place. The enigmatic Easter Islands are well-known for their hundreds of monolithic statues, including the 15 at Ahu Tongariki. As the rays hit the horizon, people witness the sun rising directly behind the statues in the spring and summer months, and behind the Poike volcano during the rest of the year.
The Patagonian glaciers may steal the show in Argentina too, but there is a lot more in this football crazy country. A city tour of Buenos Aires takes you to its cobbled stoned streets as you traverse through its many squares such as Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martín and, Plaza Congreso. Get a picture at the symbol of the city: the obelisk! The beauty of Argentina and its laid-back streets is entrenched in the neighbourhoods of La Boca, San Telmo, Montserrat, Palermo, Recoleta, and Puerto Madero. Pamper yourself with a musical evening at the glamorous Tango Show - a musical extravaganza with poetical, exciting, entertaining, unexpected and touching edges. 
Bolivia is a benchmark in offbeat travel. The Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt flat in the world is located at a high altitude in Bolivia and is an unworldly experience. It transforms into the world’s largest mirror during the wet months of January and February making it a traveller’s Instagram favourite. While the salt flats are a natural extremity, the blue and emerald waters of Lake Titicaca are the jewel of the Andes. Stay at La Paz or the Isla de Sol island to experience Bolivian traditions and local life, where the only mode of transport will be your feet!
The fact that there is nothing familiar with the magical landscapes of South America makes it worth navigating at your own pace. Book yourself a hotel room overlooking the Andean peaks, enjoy a traditional meal with the locals in the Amazon rainforest and spend hours gazing at the Patagonian glaciers – South America is entrenched in unhurried beauty.


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