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Sep 22, 2020

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Oman Unique Experiences

Ageno bar - these 4 unique experiences in Oman make for the best physicallydistanced holiday!


Whenit comes to traversing the rugged mountains, secluded beaches and hidden wadisof Oman, most people believe it is meant for the young adventure traveler. Well,that’s not entirely true. While Oman is a haven for the adventurers, there area plethora of experiences for the laidback, comfort seeking, travel enthusiast.And, there are definitely more than one way to enjoy the Sultanate’s deepgorges, white sand beaches, set against mighty silhouettes of land and water.


Inthis piece, you will find yourself picking out the best option that suits yourtravel style. Go ahead, read on…immerse yourself into one or all of these fourunique experiences and believe that Beauty truly has an address in Oman –


Campon a roof top tent – yes! As exciting as it sounds,the rooftop tent camping is on the roof of a car and not someone’s house!Bahwan Tourism offers guests a unique experience with their signature rooftoptents that have redefined Oman’s camping scene. Call it a rooftop tent, orpop-up, these new-fangled camping rigs will make your camping cozy in thedesert, mountains or the Wadis of Oman. It’s easy to mount, safe to stay anddrivable, mounted on a four-wheel drive sitting firmly on a flat, strong steelplatform on top of the vehicle. It is very comfortable, easy to set up,durable, and weather-proof. What more? Your Roof Top Tent Vehicle comescomplete with camping accessories, such as, mattresses, cooking pots, utensils,cutlery, gas cooker with camping gas, table & chairs for two, jerry can forwater and everything else you will need for this exceptional experience.


Wildcamping and a road trip of a lifetime –you don’t have to be a brave heart for this wild escapade. Anyone in areasonable state of health, with an open mind and a sense of adventure shouldbe perfectly able to cope with this tour, as many of the activities areoptional. But, for a once in a lifetime experience, pack your bags to set offon a minimum 10-day road trip starting from the capital city of Muscat andending in the green coves of Salalah. The tour takes you on a drive along thegrand coastline, traversing where the sand dunes meet the white sand beaches –camp at the most unexpected places – at the edge of the breathless landscapesof the Hajar Mountains and the shifting sands of Wahiba. Wild camping trips letyou discover the old forts of Jabrin and Nizwa and journey into the vastemptiness of the Rub Al Khali, the Empty Quarter. It is a journey of incrediblecontrasts, following in the footsteps of the pioneering explorers of old andtaking in some of the richest natural and cultural highlights that Arabia hasto offer. A delicious al fresco dinner on the beach and the beauty of sleepingunder the stars – all this and more, truly make for a camping experience that’ssubtly wild and totally worth it.


Captureaerial views of Oman on-board a helicopter - Hopon-board a helicopter for an exhilarating experience if leisure and luxury areon your mind. The experiences include 15 to 30 minutes city tours of Oman fromthe skies. Passengers get to enjoy aerial views across Qantab – Al Khairan –Muttrah – Qantab. Chartered services can also be organised for privatetransfers and flying to Biddiyah, Duqm, Jabal Akhdar, Khasab, Massirah, Sur,Zighy Bay etc.


Waditours – from big to small, hidden to not so hidden gems of emerald greenand blue waters, Oman is symbolic of its wadis. A visit to Oman is incompletewithout a day spent at one of the several wadis it has to offer. The best thingabout enjoying a wadi tour is the diversity it offers – swim deep into thegorges and see the unseen at Wadi Tiwi or just plop yourself with a picnicbasket under the shade of palm trees, on the banks of transparent waters atWadi Misfat Abreein or Wadi Bani Khalid. Cook a meal, take a dip, watch the sky– plunge into the beauty of these natural wonders that are unique to theSultanate.


Omanis one of Arabia’s true gems – personalized or small group tours to explore theopen spaces and vast expanses of its natural wonders, is highly recommended fora comeback vacation to satisfy your travel cravings.


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