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Jan 21, 2020

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Chasing the best of Japan

When I say chasing the best of Japan, it literally means an adventurous 7-10 days discovering the many hidden historic and natural gems of this new tourist wonder. With a snow-capped winter to a pleasant and flowery spring season, Japan is a year-round destination with several secrets to uncover, starting from the south all the way up to the North.
A customized itinerary planned and managed by a trusted partner such as Bahwan Travels will ensure you make the most out of Japan’s diversified offerings. 

Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka: of historical tales and culinary delights
Of the many things in Japan to explore, I have specifically picked out these three cities because you will find yourself missing out on some intriguing things to do and places to see if these are not on your Japan holiday itinerary. Whether you take a customised tour or join a group, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka will always be on the top of recommendations list. The reason is simple- all three will add the best of culture, nature, history and cuisine to your Japanese escapade.
While Japan in winter is simply unforgettable, if you are lucky to be there during March or April, you can catch the world-famous Cherry Blossom season in full bloom across each of these cities!

Customize your travel around Japan to see what’s unseen
As a tourist in Japan, it may be a good idea to get yourself on a guided personal tour of the cities you visit. This ensures you make the most of your time there and cover the best of each city – from temples, shrines to museums and observation decks to flowering Cherry Blossoms gardens. As you roam the streets of Japan, you are sure to catch prominent idols of the Japanese hi-tech creations. The hi-tech Japan is mighty and photogenic – don’t give it a miss!

For shopping, the Shinsaibashi in Osaka and the Nishiki Market in Kyoto are the main streets. Here, you can find everything from the best of brands to small local shops selling mementos and artefacts including the famous Japanese dolls and the mouth-watering Japanese street food (read beyond sushi and dumplings). 
If the word off beat travel excites you, then a ride on the Japanese’s engineering marvel, the bullet train, is a must. And so is a game watching experience of sumo wrestling and/ or the Japanese samurai. Sumo is one of Japan’s most well-known sports, and a highly authentic Japanese cultural experience. Premiere travel consultants can provide you with information and assist in booking a tournament match or a trial match depending on your travel dates and place of stay in Japan.

Take some time off the big cities and head to sights you will only find away from the bright lights like the iconic geisha district in Kanazawa. Visit the Swiss-like village of Shirakawa or head to Kawayu Onsen to enjoy local-style accommodation and the traditional onsens (outdoor hot springs) that make winter tours in this country a lot of fun. Plus, with a car at your disposal, you can hop in to see the glorious Mt. Fuji, which is approximately a 100 km scenic drive from Japan.
A quick day trip from Kyoto are Hiroshima and Nagasaki – two cities entrenched in painful history – for me, off beat is not only about fun – it is about overwhelming escapades like these which speak of humanity’s many faces.
In my experience, I also find that tailor-made excursions allow you to keep a balance between sightseeing and your personal time allowing you to shop, explore and eat.

Japan’s Cherry Blossom is an unusual phenomenon worth watching!
The first sight of the cherry blossoms in Japan is usually seen in early March somewhere in the southern part of the country. The cherry blossoms are unpredictable, and you may be able to catch them in their full glory only if you are spending enough time across the regions. It may be a good idea to start your Japanese sojourn from Tokyo – the world’s leading metropolitan city and a great viewing place for these enchanting pastel pink blossoms. This way you can also be in time for them when you reach Kyoto or Osaka.
The flowering trees, called sakura, hold immense cultural significance in Japan - the act of viewing them has its own Japanese word: hanami. There are hundreds of viewing spots all over which include most of the country’s major parks, temples, shrines and other attractions.
While the Japanese may be known for their minimalism, the country’s culture and landscape is anything but minimalistic. Be it the high tech streets of Tokyo or the popular Kansai region with Kyoto, in Japan, you can stroll among its historical shrines, temples, and castles while lounging under cherry blossom umbrellas


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