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Nov 03, 2020

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Small group tours, offbeat itineraries: why a holiday in Oman is perfect for social distancing

Small group tours, offbeat itineraries: why a holiday in Oman is perfect forsocial distancing

Openlands, spacious beaches, private land & sea explorations, family-only andfamily friendly tours – Oman’s vast empty spaces and offbeat experiences makefor the ultimate small group tours, that suffice the need for social distancingas you take some time off amidst the pandemic.

Overmany years, group tours have been a sought-after option for those looking atsaving time, money and effort. Today, with people wanting to escape and take a breakdespite the prevailing circumstances, group tours have taken a differentmeaning – smaller in size, operating at lower capacity, and yet, catering tothe needs of all kinds of travellers – adventurous, hobbyists, wellness, family,seniors, juniors, and so on.

These small group active tours, ascalled by many, are a traveller’s delight in Oman. We will give you just a fewright excuses which will make you believe so –

Canyoning, climbing,caving, trekking – walk, trek, climb, cave, swim, canyon, REPEAT. You may end updoing all or at least one of these to discover hidden wadis or catch the sunrise/sunset from Oman’s highest summits and spectacular viewpoints. Some of theseplaces are unknown to the world, explored by a few and speak of lands untraversed.The hike through the winding paths of the Snake Canyon is a mesmerising experienceleaving you with stories to tell and memories to recall. Another greatadventure for the less experienced canyoneers is a day discovering the turquoisepools of the Al Hayer falls at Wadi Bani Khalid. With multiple long swims, thecanyon boasts an impressive waterfall in the Eastern Hajar Mountains in thevillage of Al Bidah.

A trip to the acclaimed AlHoota caves in the western Hajar mountains is a sought-after option for thoselooking for a little less adventure. Finely developed as a tourist spot, thecave is 500 metres walk or a simple train ride away from a museum and café whichare located right after the ticket counter of this less-explored UNESCO worldheritage site. The cave was first discovered by locals several hundred yearsago and is home to the Omani blind cave fish.

All you have got to do is BEACH! – beaches in Oman are notjust about sunbathing. The topography of Oman’s beaches offers mountainhideaways, pebbled shores, rocky coastlines, scenic hikes and the many shadesof blue and green waters of course! The ways to explore these are numerous.Choose to beach camp - set up a tent and fall asleep under the stars – you mayspot the blue bioluminescence waves at the A’Sifah beach once it gets dark, ifyou are lucky. Spend a day aboard one of the many small group cruises – dolphinwatching, snorkelling, fishing, and at times even whale spotting! If yourfamily is looking for a getaway away from the city’s hustle, spend a day barbecuingat the Daminiyat Islands, and swimming in the transparent waters that surround it.

Desert Crossing – traversing Oman’s WahibaSands is an unmatched experience. Small groups have the option to hire 4-wheeldrives and cross the desert navigating sandy silhouettes and bashing expansivedunes. Desert crossing is on every adventure lovers list. And, when itculminates into a dinner on a starry night in the middle of nowhere – it isworth every moment spent.


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